DIY Winter Gloves - Three Ways

Orly Shani is giving you tips on how to stylize winter gloves in three different ways.

1. Using Gem-Tac, apply crystals to your gloves

1. Using a needle/thread, stitch the chains from left side to the right.
2. Reloop your chain (no need to break it!) and start from the other side

Iron-On Florals
1. Iron-on your design - be sure to use a towel under the gloves so as not to get any burn marks on your gloves!

1. You can also use rinestones or pearls
2. Keep your design on the front end of the gloves, as the bottom will restrict you from putting the glove on
3. Gem-Tac dries clear and is meant for crystals, don't use E6000!

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