A home decorating DIY from Paige Hemmis.


  • Wood – 24” x 48” (Note: I will also did a circle pattern in 24” diameter)
  • Paint brush or rag for paint stain
  • Blue painters tape
  • Water-based wood stain in Dark Walnut finish
  • Spray paint – cream (I got Rustoleum Semi-Gloss Ivory Bisque) (Note: I also got Rustoleum Gloss Seaside for an additional color.)
  • Rubber door mat with scrolls (or any pattern that you would like) I got size 24” x 18”

DIY Doormat Wall Art - Home & Family


1) Take your wood and cut it to size (will get the exact size after pre-tape), or have the hardware store cut it to size. You will need four equal pieces.

2) Take your paintbrush or rag and cover the front and sides of the wood with the Dark Walnut stain.

3) Let dry.

4) If you want a border around the pattern, add it now with painters tape.

5) Lay your mat on top of the wood.

6) Take your ivory spray paint and do a light coat of spray paint. Do not overspray to avoid drips.

7) Let the first coat dry. Keep the mat in place while drying.

8) Spray another light coat of ivory over the wood, making sure to get in the sides of the scrolling mat to get the pattern.

9) Remove the mat and any painters tape.

10) Let wood dry.

11) Add a picture hanger to the back of each wood piece.

12) Hang your artwork and enjoy!

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