Ken Wingard is creating the perfect DIY to display your wedding invitation.


  • Wedding Invitation (or other item of wedding memorabilia)
  • Shadowbox (Size up so that it is much larger than the invitation)
  • Silk Flowers
  • Hot Glue
  • Foam Core
DIY Wedding Invitation Display - Home & Family


1. Measure the inside of your shadowbox to the size of your wedding invitation

2. Cut a piece of foam core in an “L” shape to fit in the space between the invitation and the border of the shadowbox

3. Trim your silk flowers so that they are short enough to fit underneath the size of the shadow box. (If you had a silk flower bouquet, this would be a great way to also preserve those flowers forever)

4. Hot glue the silk flowers facing upwards from the foam core until the entire “L” shape is filled

5. Using the hot glue (or pins included in the shadowbox kit) secure the flower “L” shape to the backing of the shadowbox

6. Position the invitation in the center of the centerbox, just above the flower “L” and secure it using pins

7. If your invitation also came with a beautiful envelope, also include that to the top left of the invitation. Adorn a ribbon for a little more elegance.

8. Finish assembling the shadowbox!

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