Paige Hemmis is making a decorative and sentimental box to help you hold all your wedding cards.


  • 4 8x10 Picture frames – white
  • 1 8x8 Picture frame with 4x4 matting – white (If you cannot find matting, you can also use card stock)
  • 4 8x10 Pictures of the bride and groom (your own printer or any print shop can print these for you)
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • 2 10x10 Wood canvases
  • Craft knife
  • Decorative molding (2” high)
  • White satin wired ribbon 1.5” wide
  • Scotch tape
DIY Wedding Card Photo Box - Home & Family


1. Put the pictures that you would like in the frames in first. After it’s assembled, it will be difficult to switch them out.

2. Once picture is in, rip off the back stand if your frames have them.

3. Take the two 10x10 wooden canvases and hot glue them together. This will be your base.

4. With hot glue, attach the frames together so that the 8” side is across and the 10” side is up. Secure all four together so that it makes a solid box. You will have to do them end to end to assure that they fit together nicely on the 10x10 base.

5. Take hot glue and glue your new picture frame box to the 10x10 base.

6. For the top, you will want a slit for the cards to drop in, so remove the glass from the 8x8 frame and discard. You will not need the glass.

7. For the 4x4 opening for a picture, you can use a picture or write the word “cards” to let people know what this creation is. I went for the card option instead of the picture.

8. Measure a typical card (and go bigger in case you have a large card…or a thick card – those are the best!)

9. Draw this onto your matting (or card stock) that will fit in your 8x8 frame.

10. Cut out the slot with a craft knife.

11. Now here’s a part of the DIY that is controversial. Many people like the option of having a hinge that can open the top to get out the cards. Without a lock, anyone can reach in and grab cards. Since you usually place this card holder near the entrance, it invites lookie-loo’s and sometimes even theft. That is NOT something you want to worry about on your wedding day. So I say use glue and glue it all up!

12. Attach the 8x8 to the top of the structure with hot glue. This will be off-set a little since the base is slightly larger. This actually gives this a lantern feel!

13. Add ribbon to complete the look at the top where the card slot is.

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