DIY Watering Can Garden Art Piece

Shirley Bovshow shows off a DIY request from the Home & Family Fridge!


  • Metal watering can with detachable watering rose
  • 30 gauge florist wire
  • Beads used as a wire backing
  • Assorted pre-strung crystal beads
  • Scissors
  • Shepherd's hook for hanging the watering can


  1. The first step is to detach the watering rose from the watering can, mark where you want the top of the design, and thread florist wire to hold the beads.
  2. Thread 30-gauge florist wire through the front of watering rose, starting at the center.
  3. Pull thread through the back of spout and use a large crystal bead as a backing so it doesn't fall out.
  4. Continue threading wire through the front, concentrating on the inner holes for best water effect
  5. Take your largest beads and hang from the center hole using the metal wire to attach. Cut extra wire.

Is there a pattern to follow when stringing the beads?

  1. Yes, to create effect of realistic water flow, concentrate the larger beads in the center and surround outer area with more dainty beads
  2. Water flow is strongest in the center of the spout
  3. The outer area has more sprinkles of water represented by small beads

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