Erica Ash Interview

The actress opens up about the second season of her STARZ series, “Survivor’s Remorse” where she plays a basketball star’s sister. Aside from this dramedy, Erica also stars alongside Kevin Hart in the comedy “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” During her free time, Erica enjoys traveling and shares stories of a recent trip to Bali, where she visited various sacred sites.
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Ted Hopson Cooks - Home & Family

Chef Ted Hopson Cooks

Chef Ted Hopson of Studio City’s “The Bellwether” restaurant joins Cristina in the kitchen to cook his Grilled Pork Loin. While cooking, Ted tells Home & Family he loves working with global flavors and that inspires his dishes at the restaurant.

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Ask the Family

It is that time again when the family members gather around to answer your Facebook questions!

Robot Work Station - Home & Family

DIY Robot Work Station

Paige Hemmis is in the garage making her very own robot! When it comes to adding materials to the robot, you can find everything at your local hardware and electronics stores. Have fun and be creative!

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James Urbaniak Interview

Actor James Urbaniak talks about his HULU comedy series “Difficult People,” a show that is executive produced by actress Amy Poehler. James plays the boyfriend of real life friend Julie Klausner’s character. When he is not acting, James also has his own podcast! After the interview, Mark, Cristina and James have fun with their own skit.
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Ken’s Craft Review

Ken Wingard is back with the latest products he tests out for the audience. He loves the Wilton Food Coloring System and the Canvas Frame.

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Medical Specialists 101 - Home & Family

Choosing the Right Medical Specialist

Matt Iseman uses his medical background to help viewers when it comes to finding the right medical specialist. He says you need to make a list of questions to ask your potential specialist. Ask about availability, their expertise and how they handle insurance. Don’t be afraid to research doctors online, as well.

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Pack it Good! - Home & Family

Pack it Good!

Sophie Uliano talks to Mark and Cristina about all the benefits of packing your own lunch, which is economical and also eco-friendly. Sophie suggests a variety of lunch ideas that including Bento Boxes and Tiffin Lunch Boxes.

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Wrinkles 101

Dr. Goesel Anson sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about ridding yourself of wrinkles. The doctor advises that when it comes to looking for face cream, you need SPF 30, Retinoids, Anti-Oxidants and Peptides. She also recommends JuveRest Pillows for sleeping to avoid getting sleep wrinkles.

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Waterning Can Art Piece Garden - Home & Family

Home & Family Fridge Submission by Emmaly Spackman

Shirley Boshow is ready to show you how to make a DIY Watering Can Art Piece Garden, an idea that was originally sent to the Home & Family Fridge! Shirley adds her own personal touch to the project by adding flowers.

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