DIY Watering Can Fountain

Ken Wingard is making a watering can fountain that recycles your water and makes a wonderful addition to any garden.


  • Watering Can
  • Wash Tub
  • BBQ Grate
  • Pump
  • Tubing (to fit pump)
  • Bench/Stool
  • River Rocks

DIY Soothing Outdoor Fountain - Home & Family


1) Dig a hole to fit wash tub

2) Insert wash tub into hole

3) Place pump in tub

4) Attach tubing to pump

5) Run tubing and electrical cord out of tub -Place grate on top of tub

6) Cover grate with rocks

7) Set bench beside rocks

8) Run tube up behind bench

9) Punch Hole in back of watering can -Run tube from watering can to spout -Fill tub with water

10) Plug in and turn on

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