Paige Hemmis is showing you how to take plywood and a quilt and turn it into a work of art.


  • 10: 1x6 Plywood Boards
  • 3: 1x2 boards for the support
  • Dowel
  • Nail gun
  • Drywall and/or wood screws
  • Wood glue
  • Paint
  • French cleat
  • Quilt
  • Screw eyes
  • Screw hooks
DIY Vintage Quilt Display - Home & Family


1. Measure your quilt. If it's the same size as ours precede, if not measure according to your quilt

2. Lay down 10 boards

3. Measure/mark 18 inches on each side for supporting boards

4. Lay down & center supporting boards

5. Put wood glue on your supporting boards

6. Nail gun support boards

7. Screw in screws for extra security in support boards

8. (Repeat these last 3 actions: do the end boards first & then the middle board)

9. Measure the center for the French cleat

10. Put down 2 wood blocks to set the French cleat on

11. Wood glue/nail gun/screw in your 2 blocks for the French cleat

12. Screw in French cleat on top of the wood blocks

13. Do a cherry stain & a cream dry brush

14. Screw the screw eyes into the wall

15. Screw the screw hook into the wall

16. Attach the dowel

17. Hang wood board on the wall

18. Drape quilt over the dowel

19. Ta-da!

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