Orly Shani is updating an ordinary rug and turning it into something colorful and whimsical.


  • Rug canvas
  • White fur fabric
  • Rainbow fur fabric
  • Hot glue
  • Large rope
  • Fabric scissors
  • Mareker
DIY Unicorn Rug - Home & Family


1. Outline ears on a piece of felt and cut it out

2. Use this as a guide to cut out the ear on the white fur

3. Flip the felt over and repeat for the other ear

4. Cut the felt into a smaller ear

5. Use this a guide to cut out the colorful fur

6. Place this on top of the white cut out ear and glue down

7. Repeat for the other ear

8. Cut out the eyes using black felt

9. Cut in a U-shape and add eyelashes

10. Cut a large triangle of the colorful fur and place between the two ears for the mane

11. Glue everything down using a hot glue gun

12. 12. Cut a piece of fabric into a triangle

13. 13. Fold in half and sew or use fabric glue

14. 14. Stuff with excess fur or pillow insert

15. 15. Sew or fabric glue closed

16. 16. Take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the pillow to give it a unicorn horn look

17. 17. Glue down onto the top of the unicorn

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