Friday, August 4th, 2017

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Peter Porte and Happy the Dog - Home & Family

Peter Porte and Happy the Dog

Actor Peter Porte is joined by his canine pal, Happy the Dog to talk about his Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Love at the Shore,” which premieres Saturday, August 5th at 8/7c. Peter has been acting since the third grade, and holds multiple degrees in theater. The actor jokes about Happy’s acting skills in the movie. Happy Dog is a two-year-old rescue and Crown Media’s Ambassador of Paws-itivity.

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DIY Dog Leash - Home & Family

DIY Dog Leash

Paige Hemmis is joined by Happy the Dog to show you how to make your own DIY pet leash. When finished, she suggests selecting a keychain, name tag or choosing a fabric to customize the leash for your dog. For added strength, make an extra knot that you can cover with leather. The total cost of this DIY is only $15.

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Fried Chicken Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich - Home & Family

Fried Chicken Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich

The owner of “Chicken Charlie,” Charlie Boghosian is in the kitchen making this unusual dish, a fried chicken doughnut ice cream sandwich. While frying up the dessert sandwich, Charlie talks about how he started his career working at the San Diego fair, before deciding to launch his own business.

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Ashley Everett

Dancer Ashley Everett visits Home & Family to talk about her career as a professional dancer. Her big break came when Ashley attended an open audition for superstar Beyonce. She also shares the night her fiance proposed to her onstage during Beyonce’s “Formation” tour.

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Caring for Succulents - Home & Family

How to Care for Succulents

Shirley Bovshow is giving you some insider tips on how to care for your succulent plants. This includes using moss, instead of soil for wall planters making sure to cut the stem at the base of your plants. Shirley also suggests using a spray bottle when watering your succulents.

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Alexander Jean

Mark Ballas and BC Jean discuss their latest EP, “High Enough” from their band, Alexander Jean.The married couple also share details of their wedding, including some hilarious mishaps. One of the biggest highlights was when Mark choreographed the tango for his first dance with his wife.

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Peach Mousse Cake

Pastry chef from “Four Seasons Westlake Village,” Patrick Fahy is in the kitchen whipping up a sweet dessert of peach mousse cake. For an extra smooth mousse, strain the peach puree. One extra tip is to warm the spatula to get finished cake out of the mold without making a mess.

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Husband Hacks

Mark Steines is giving the men watching some helpful husband hacks to make life easier.

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Facelift with Makeup

Beauty expert Kimberly Bosso is giving you pointers on how to give your skin a natural facelift using vitamin C moisture cream before applying foundation. She also advises using a flesh colored pencil below your eyebrows to give your eyes a “pop.”

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DIY Unicorn Rug - Home & Family

DIY Unicorn Rug

Orly Shani is taking an ordinary white faux fur rug and turning it into a work of art! By adding color and felt, she is making her own unicorn rug. The total cost of this DIY will be between $25-$45.

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