Maria Provenzano has the perfect DIY for National Umbrella Day.
DIY Umbrella Holder - Home & Family


  • Two matching cube or hexagon wall shelves with no backing
  • 1/4” Plywood
  • 1” x 2” wood cut to 36” x2
  • Clear gorilla glue
  • Spray rubber sealant
  • Bar clamps
  • Moss or River rocks
  • Pencil
  • Speed square or ruler
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper


  • Spray paint
  • Clear spray sealant
DIY Umbrella Holder - Home & Family


1. Place one shelf back down onto the 1/4” ply, trace it and use a jigsaw to cut the plywood to match. Sand any roughness of the edges down.

2. Cut the 1” x 2” down to size.

3. Glue to the back side of the bottom shelf, clamp and let the glue set for a few hours, it has a 24-hour full cure time. This is the base of your umbrella stand.

4. With the base laying on its side, glue the 1” x 2” pieces onto opposite sides of the base. Clamp in place.

PRO TIP: You can have fun with offset placement of the 1” x 2” s as long as they are on opposite sides of the base.

5. Apply glue to the interior side of each 1” x 2”, place the second shelf lined up to the top edge in between each 1” x 2”.

6. Paint and seal now if desired. Allow to dry in between each coat according to directions of the paint and sealant.

7. Add two coats of rubber sealant into bottom interior bottom edges of the base. Allow to cure according to the instructions.

8. Place moss or rocks into the base, set in your entryway or outside the door and enjoy!

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