Ken Wingard is turning plywood into a useful tree bookshelf.


  • 1/2 inch Plywood (for tree)
  • 1 inch Plywood (for spine)
  • Wood Shelves - ⅙ (Approx 4-6 pieces)
  • Jigsaw
  • Paint
DIY Tree Bookshelf - Home & Family


1. Draw out your design. You can make your design however high or wide you’d like your bookshelf to be (just make sure it is shorter than the height of your ceiling)

2. Using a jigsaw, cut out your design

3. Paint one side of your plywood - you don’t need to paint the other, as only the front will be displayed - so no need to waste your time, or your paint!

4. Using 1-inch plywood, cut the length of your spine the same height as your tree design.

5. Using a nailgun, attach your ⅙ pieces of wood for your shelves. (Make sure they coincide with your tree branches on the back, and ensure they are at the same length as the branches themselves).
Tip: For added reinforcement, you can add some wood glue on the back of the shelving as well as the spine.

6. Attach our current design onto the wall! This way it’s sturdy and in place before putting on the final piece.

7. Take the front end of your tree design and nail it into the shelves (You don’t need many nails for this design, 4 or 5 should be more than sufficient).

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