DIY Treat Dispenser Game for Pets with Laura Nativo

For the Bottle:

  1. Take 3 clean empty bottles with the labels and caps off. Choose your size according to the size of your pet. Look for bottles that have a wide bottle opening if you want the treats to fall out more easily. For advanced dogs, you can use soda bottles that have tiny openings which are more challenging.
  2. Drill hole through the upper/middle section of the bottle. The higher you drill towards the opening, the more challenging it will be. For beginners, I recommend drilling holes on either side for the rod to go through the middle of the plastic bottles.
  3. Decorate with duct tape. You can make this trick-or-treat inspired for Halloween or get festive for the holidays. Use your imagination!
  4. Re-drill the hole through your duct tape. Note: Do not use glitter, feathers, or other fun crafty things unless you are certain your pet won't accidentally ingest them. Remember this toy is only to be played with while supervised!

For the Frame:

  1. Buy a 1x12x 6? 8? 10? plank of plywood, depending on how big you want to make your frame. For cats and small dogs, I recommend smaller measurements. For larger dogs, I recommend building this more sturdy.
  2. Ask Home Depot to cut your wood into 3 sections. Your 2 sides should be the same length and your bottom piece should be wide enough for whatever bottles you have chosen.
  3. Buy a wooden dowel to stabilize the top of the frame.
  4. Buy a thin, strong metal rod to hold the plastic bottles.
  5. Buy wood screws.
  6. Screw the two sides onto your bottom plank, put one screw in the middle, and one at each end. Drill holes first so that your wood does not split.
  7. Drill a hole, then screw in your top rod.
  8. Spray paint whatever color and allow to dry.
  9. Drill holes in the sides to insert your metal rod.
  10. Put end caps on your metal rod to allow it to spin.

Add the plastic bottles to the rod.

Fill with kibble or treats and you're ready to go!

Consider personalizing the frame with your pet's name or paw prints or make it for someone else as a great DIY, but personal holiday gift!

Supervise your pet while he or she is using this dispenser.

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