Paige Hemmis and Matt Iseman team up to make trash can covers.


  • 41x3’s cut to size
  • 32 wood lath strips
  • Plywood
  • Wood glue
  • Nails
  • Nail gun
  • Ruler
  • Wood Stain and paint brush (optional)
  • Polyurethane

DIY Trash Can Covers - Home & Family


1) Attention: Our sizes were determined using a 32 gallon trash can

2) Cut 4 1x3 wood strips to 22 1⁄2 inches

3) Cut 4 1x3 wood strips to 23 3⁄4 inches

4) Take 2 22 1⁄2 inch wood sticks and 2 23 3⁄4 wood strips and make a square -Glue and nail together

5) Repeat last two steps to create a second square frame

6) Attach lathing strips to bottom frame using wood glue and nail gun (around 8 pieces per side)

7) Repeat last step but leave about an inch a half space at the top so lid can fit on top of lathing strips

8) Wood Stain (optional)

9) Measure top of trash can cover

10) Cut Plywood to size so cover can set on lathing strips using jigsaw

11) Cut a square hole in middle of cover (about 5 inches from sides)

12) Assemble

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