Friday, July 1st, 2016

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DIY Fireworks and Poppers - Home & Family

At Home with The Zierings

Actor Ian Ziering is joined by his wife, Erin to talk about their love for crafting, as well as open up about married life. Ian also talks about the recent success of his “Sharknado” franchise, with the fourth installment, “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens,” airing July 31st at 8/7c on SyFy. Ian credits social media to helping make the original such a success. After the interview, the couple invite their kids, Mia and Penna to join them to make Fourth of July fireworks and poppers out of toilet paper rolls.

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Fourth of July Tips and Tricks

Kym Douglas has some fun Fourth of July tips and tricks for you to try at home this holiday. She suggests using frozen water balloons instead of ice keep your drinks cold in your cooler. She also points out that you can use a red solo cup as a measuring cup to make sure you don’t over pour drinks at your BBQ.

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Clam Linguini - Home & Family

Currie Graham Cooks

The actor is in the kitchen with Debbie to cook up one of his favorite dishes, linguini with clams. Before getting started, he talks about the new season of his TNT drama, “Murder in the First,” which airs Sundays at 10/9c. While cooking, Currie admits that he actually learned how to at a mob-owned Italian restaurant and it was his skills that won over his wife, Larissa. An extra tip for his pasta dish is to add more chilis pepper flakes and basil for flavor.

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DIY Trash Can Covers - Home & Family

DIY Trash Can Covers

Paige Hemmis and Matt Iseman team up today to work on stylish trash can covers. Matt says he was inspired when he found a trash can cover for over $2,000 and realized he and Paige can do one a lot cheaper. In fact, Paige takes on the challenge and makes one for less than $50! She reminds you that when it comes to staining the wood, make sure it has a coating to protect your trashcan from outside elements.

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Debbie Asks Mark

Debbie sits down to get to know her host, Mark. He opens up about life as a single dad, his health, finding love again and the real purpose of living.

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Festive Party Platters - Home & Family

Festive Party Platters

Ken Wingard teams up with Home & Family chef Shanti Hinojos team up to add some rustic charm to plating food for a party. Ken reminds you at home to not use pressure treated wood for this DIY project. If you are using old pieces of wood, make sure to fumigate first then seal. Remember to get as creative and colorful as you want. Think about what you want your guests to see when they first see the food.

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Stars & Stripes Dip - Home & Family

Sars & Stripes Layered Dip

Matt opens up about how much he loves Fourth of July. Today, he is in the kitchen showing Home & Family one of his favorite appetizers he likes to serve during the patriotic holiday: Stars & Stripes Layered Dip, which goes great with tortilla chips.

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Stay Safe at the Beach

Dr. JJ hosts a roundtable with the family members to talk about how to keep kids safe this Fourth of July. She emphasizes to parents to closely watch their children and set your alarms on your phones and rotate supervision every 15-20 minutes, passing the torch of responsibility.

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Matt Rogers’ Performs

Matt and his band perform “God Bless America.”