• Ice Bucket
  • Plate charger
  • E6000
  • Christmas embellishments
  • Felt sheets
DIY Top Hat Ice Bucket - Home & Family


For Snowman:

1. Flip charger over bottom spray paint black (if needed).

2. Remove handle.

3. Attach ice bucket to charger with E6000 glue- allow 24 hours to dry.

4. Decorate with ribbon at bottom & other adornments such as fake holly or make your own with felt.

For Nutcracker:

1. Remove handle and attach to bottom.

2. Trace shape with scrapbook paper cut accordingly .

3. Paint Styrofoam balls gold.

4. Cut in half with searated knife.

5. Attach to front of hat and add feather on top.

6. Add rope detailing with glue.

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