Maria Provenzano has a creative DIY that you can get the kids involved with.

DIY Tassel Bookmark - Home & Family


1. Wrap yarn about 50 times around a piece of cardboard that’s about 3-4 inches wide, then cut off the excess yarn.

2. Slide a piece of yarn under all the yarn wrapped around the cardboard and slide it to the top, then double knot it; be sure not to cut any excess yarn off from this piece

3. Cut all the yarn on the opposite side

4. Tightly double knot a piece of yarn near the top to make the head of the tassel; this creates the rounded top of the tassel

5. Tightly double knot a piece of yarn underneath the previous piece of yarn, if desired for design

6. Cut the ends of the yarn to create a clean and even finish

7. Cut a piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper into desired width, and double in length; the size is up to you; a good option is 2 ½ inches wide and about 12 inches long

8. Fold the cardstock in half length-wise

9. Punch a hole at the top while it is folded, about a ¼ inch down from the top

10. Open the paper back up and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge with a foam brush on the inside of the cardstock, being careful not to go too close to the hole

11. Fold it back together and let it dry; it helps to use your fingers to tightly seal the fold until it is dry enough to stick together

12. Double knot the tassel through the hole and cut off the excess yarn.


1. Use sturdy paper for the best result

2. Make sure to use a longer piece of yarn when tying the top of the tassel

3. If using thicker yarn, you won’t need to wrap it as many times

4. You can adjust the size of your bookmark based on the size of your book

5. You can customize these in any way with stickers, monogrammed, etc.

6. This can be fun for kids if they wrap the yarn and use plain paper for them to color or write on

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