Maria Provenzano is updating your vases with this decorative DIY.


  • Sweaters of desired colors 
  • glue or a glue gun 
  • Filler; decorative sticks, faux flowers, or fake candles make for great filler decorations 
  • Pine cones
  • String of desired color 
  • Fabric scissors 

DIY Sweater Vases - Home & Family


1. Place the vase on the sweater to check for size

2. The sleeve tends to be the easiest to fit over most vases

3. Cut the fabric using fabric scissors, so it is a few inches longer than the vase

4. Place the fabric over the vase to check for sizing

5. If the sweater sleeve is too big, you can alter it by cutting it with fabric scissors

6. Glue the sweater onto the vase; a glue gun tends to be the fastest but the super glue can tend to last longer

7. Fold over the excess sweater into the middle of the vase and use glue to secure it

8. Decorate as necessary with buttons, flowers, sticks, pinecones, twine, etc.

9. You can also get creative and fold the top of the sweater over to show some of the top of the vase, or only cover the middle of the vase with the sweater so that you can see the top and bottom of the vase

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