Orly Shani is showing you how to recycle an old sweater and turn it into a hot accessory.


  • Sweater
  • Fabric scissors
  • Needle & Thread or Sewing Machine


To create the headband:

1. Cut off the bottom end of your sweater to get your round piece
2. Twist the center of the piece
3. Then loop the fabric around
4. Place on head
5. If you don’t have enough material use the arms to create the headband
6. Cut off the arms.
7. Place them in a cross shape
8. Then pull 2 ends to one side & the other 2 ends to the other side Sew up in the back

To create the scarf:

1. Take the sweater & cut below the neckline & down the sides
2. Sew it up on the sides. Depending on the size you want will determine how close or far out you will sew up
3. Then you need to hem up your scarf.
4. You can fold up the edges & sew down for a finish or you can place another fabric on top inside out, sew up & then reverse for a finish

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