Paige Hemmis is updating your backyard's look with this colorful and creative DIY.


  • ¾” dowel in the length of your choosing, to mimic flower stem
  • (2) 10”x 0.13” plywood circles
  • Tin snips or heavy duty scissors
  • Hot glue and glue gun (stronger option - E6000)
  • 24-36 empty soda cans
  • Gloves
  • Pencil (or small dowel)
  • Skateboard ball bearing
  • Drill with drill bit
  • Paint for sunflower and stem – yellow, orange, green and any other color you would like to use.  It’s best to use spray paint.
  • MOD PODGE to adhere glitter
  • Gold, Copper glitter for finishing touch
  • OPTIONAL: Ceramic pot to put the flower in
  • OPTIONAL: Insulating foam sealant
DIY Sunflower Windmill - Home & Family


1) Measure how high you would like your sunflower, and have the dowel cut to size (you can have this done at the hardware store).

2) Spray paint the dowel green.

3) If you are using the ceramic pot, set the dowel in the middle of the pot and add the foam to secure it in place.

4) Drill a hole in the top of the dowel where you will add your flower.

5) Drill a hole in the middle of both of the round pieces of wood.

6) Cut pieces of aluminum cans into the shapes of leaves and petals.

7) Take the petals and paint them yellow. Set aside to dry.

8) Paint the leaves green. Set aside to dry.

9) Paint the 2 round pieces of wood yellow with orange accents. Set aside to dry.

10) Attach the petals to one piece of circular wood using hot glue.

11) Attach additional petals to the other piece of wood using hot glue.

12) Attach the leaves to the dowel.

13) Take the ball bearing and using hot glue, secure it in the hole you cut at the top of the dowel.

14) Run the pencil into the hole in the dowel, and then through the holes in the additional two wood circles.

15) Cut the back of the pencil that is sticking out from the dowel.

16) Finishing touch, use MOD PODGE to adhere gold and copper glitter.

17) Shape the petals and leaves so that they can catch the wind so it turns.


Test the way the wind is blowing in your area and adjust the petals accordingly. Since we are using aluminum, they are easy to manipulate with your hands.

Be sure to wear gloves while cutting and shaping the aluminum pieces as they can be very sharp.

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