Thursday, September 28th, 2017

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DIY Sunflower Windmill - Home & Family

Sunflower Windmill

Paige Hemmis is updating your yard’s look with this beautiful and creative DIY, a sunflower windmill. Before getting started, you should have about 24 aluminum “petals” to make a flower. When done, you can store the windmill flower in either a flower pot or dig a hole and place it directly in the ground.

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Country Ham, Shrimp and Grits - Home & Family

Jamie DeMent

Author of “The Farmhouse Chef,” Jamie DeMent is in the kitchen whipping up a Southern favorite, country ham, shrimp and grits. She divulges the secret to creamy grits is just keep stirring. The best part is when you can turn any leftover grits into grit cakes the next day. The chef warns you to not overcook the shrimp saying you should know they are done when they turn pink.

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Horatio Sanz

Comedic actor Horatio Sanz sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his new NBC series, “Great News,” which you can catch Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c. He also shares some of his favorite sketches from his time on “Saturday Night Live” and even recalls what auditioning was like for the iconic sketch comedy show.

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Fall Sweater Fashions

Lawrence Zarian is showing you some of the hottest new fall sweaters trending today.

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Apple Pie Pops - Home & Family

Apple Pie Pops

Maria Provenzano is in the kitchen making the perfect snack for those who love apples, apple pie pops! This is Maria’s way of celebrating Hallmark Channel’s upcoming Fall Harvest movies. She suggests using a more tart apple, like a granny smith, to balance out the flavors of the of the dough and fruit. An extra tip is adding vinegar to the dough to keep it tender.

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The Little Couple

Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold visit Home & Family to talk about their TLC series, “The Little Couple,” that you can watch Tuesdays at 10/9c. They even share some of their personal family photos and bring a clip from the show for the audience to enjoy.

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DIY Rotating Tool Stand - Home & Family

DIY Rotating Tool Stand

Matti Iseman is showing you how to stay more organized in your work station with this DIY rotating tool stand. Before you get started, find yourself a Lazy Susan that can sustain the weight of heavier tools. Also, lay out all the tools you will be using to know the proper measurements for drilling ahead of time. When you are finished, remember to place your sharper items inward to avoid any injuries.

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Medal of Honor Recipient

Special 5 James C. McCloughan shares with Home & Family what it has been like to receive a Medal of Honor 48 years after his duty in Vietnam. James was a combat medic while serving his country, and is credited with saving the lives of ten soldiers. After his service, James also received a Bronze Star with a “V” device.

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Family Friendly Holiday Travel

Travel expert Tracy Gallagher is providing insider travel tips on how you can take a vacation as a family without breaking the bank. This includes purchasing your tickets up to 65 days before the holidays and signing up for for email alerts so you don’t miss any deals.