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DIY Stocking Holder

DIY Stocking Holder

Actor Dylan Neal brings in the holiday spirit with this DIY.
  • Craft store wooden pieces (pick size based on space available):
  • (1) Square box (body)
  • (2) Dowels (arms)
  • (2) Dowels (legs)
  • (1) Circular base
  • (5) Small round wooden pieces (hands, shoulders, hat)
  • (1) Large round wooden piece (head)
  • (1) Circular top (hat)
  • Paint
  • Stocking hook
  • Hot Glue


1. Glue legs to base.

2. Glue body to legs.

3. Glue arms to body.

4. Glue shoulders and arms to body.

5. Glue head to body.

6. Glue hat to head.

7. Glue round piece to hat.

8. Paint desired color scheme. (As seen: Black, Gold, Tan, Green, Red)

9. Screw stocking hook to base.

10. Hang stocking.

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