Margot Potter is competing in the Craft-Off with this fun Fourth of July-themed DIY.


  • ImpressArt Three 3/8”x6” Aluminum Bracelet Blanks
  • 15 5mm Silver Plated Jump Rings
  • 3 Small Silver Plated Spring Ring Clasps
  • 3 Pre-Made Tiny Red, White and Blue Tassels or Red, Blue, and Silver Embroidery
  • Floss
  • Color Coordinated Bezel Set Gem Charms
  • Tiny Silver Plated Star Charms
  • Stamp Enamel
  • Jewelry Glue
  • Washi Tape
  • Cotton Swab
  • Paper Towel


  • ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Bar Tool
  • ImpressArt ErgoAngle Brass Stamping Hammer
  • ImpressArt Steel Stamping Block
  • 2-Hole Metal Punch
  • 2 Pairs Chain Nose Pliers
  • Fork (Optional)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Non-Permanent Marker

DIY Star Spangled Bangles - Home & Family


1) Mark the center point of the blank with the ruler. Tape blank to stamping block.

2) Write word out to find center, even number letter words will be centered in between the two center letters, odd number letter words will be centered on the center letter Write word on tape on blank, letters should be approximately the size of the stamps. Remember to leave spaces between words.

3) Start in center, working center to left and then center to right side. Stamp over the letters you wrote on the tape. Hold stamp firmly between thumb and forefinger, you can use the Stamp Straight Jig. Make sure the stamp is in full contact with the blank. Strike the stamp firmly with one good hit dead center. If you aren’t sure if you hit it hard enough, DO NOT LIFT THE STAMP and you can hit it again. Once you lift the stamp, you can’t hit it again or you will have skipped impressions.

4) Remove tape, you may have to work the tape out of the stamped impressions.

5) Use a cotton swab to apply Stamp Enamel to stamped impressions. Let it sit for 10 seconds, then wipe excess enamel from surface with a paper towel. This will help the letters pop and polish the aluminum.

6) Punch hole in one end of your bracelet with 2-hole punch. Make sure the hole is close enough to the end to accommodate the jump ring.

7) If you can’t find tassels, you can use a fork to create your own. Wrap floss around the outer edges of fork over and over until you have enough to make a tassel. Cut a smaller piece of floss and thread it inside of the top tine around the entire width of floss. Tie tightly and knot. Tie a longer piece of thread around the center and wrap around through the top space, finish by securing with a knot. Leave tails long. Add a dab of jeweler’s glue to the knots to secure them.

8) Slide tassel off of fork. Thread top with a jump ring using chain nose pliers. Cut bottom loops with scissors. Use scissors to even out the threads. Make one of each color.

9) Place one end of bracelet blank into the bending tool. Secure the blank with your thumb and forefinger, grasp center of bracelet and begin bending over the tool. Flip bracelet over and repeat process working back and forth until you have formed a bangle. This will ensure you have a nicely formed bangle. Remove bangle from tool, use fingers to finish shaping.

10) Attach a jump ring to the hole in the end of your bangle using chain nose pliers. Be sure to close the jump ring with tension, watch segment! Attach a tiny star on a jump ring to one side of the jump ring on your tassel using chain nose pliers. Attach a matching gem charm with a jump ring to the opposite side of the jump ring on your tassel using chain nose pliers. Attach the tassel to the end of a spring ring clasp.

11) Attach the charms to the jump ring on your bracelet, you can change these up seasonally!

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