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DIY Springtime Suncatchers

DIY Springtime Suncatchers

Paige Hemmis is ushering in spring with this bright and colorful DIY.
  • Metal hoop
  • Copper Wire (a couple different sizes)
  • Bicone Crystals
  • Bigger Crystals
  • Jewelry pliers


1. First take your copper wire & decide where you want to start your design to hang your big crystal in the hoop
2. String through your big crystal & let it hang
3. Then it’s time to start on your tree
4. Take your wire & wrap around the bottom & start to work up, branching out into other branches. Add on layers of wiring on top of your original wire to give it a nice texture.
5. While you work your way up string the crystals onto the wire. For the crystals or gems that don’t have a hole to poke through just wrap the wire around the gem tightly

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