Ken Wingard is upgrading your coat with this fun DIY.


  • Coats
  • Material
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
DIY Animal Coats - Home & Family

Directions for Bunny

1. Layer pink and gray fabric and cut out bunny ear pattern.

2. Once you have the pattern, stitch together and turn inside out.

3. Sew to hood of jacket.

4. Cut circles out to create paws and glue or stitch to base of jacket arms.

5. Take fur ball for bunny tail and attach to back of jacket.

Directions for Mouse

1. Continue with similar concept for mouse ears. layer pink and gray fabric cut out circular pattern and stitch together.

2. Attach ears to jacket hood.

3. Create whiskers using chain stitch.

4. Attach pom pom to the top to create a nose.

5. To create tail, cut spiral from gray felt fabric and glue to the back of jacket.

Directions for Fox

1. For ears, cut two large triangles one out of suede and one out of leather. Stitch together.

2. Cut one medium triangle and one small triangle in white fur and stitch to larger triangles.

3. Stitch ears to hood of jacket.

4. For fox tail use large white fur and larger brown fur and glue to back of jacket.

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