Mark Steines and Matt Rogers team up on this DIY.


  • Skateboard decks
  • 1/2’’ Galvanized pipe (6) 10 inch pieces
  • 1/2’’ Galvanized pipe (2) 3 inch pieces
  • 1/2’’ Galvanized flanges (10)
  • 1/2’’ Galvanized elbows (2)
  • Screws


1. Remove trucks and wheels from deck
2. Save hardware in pile
3. Mark drill spots with flange
4. Mount deck to board
5. Drill 1⁄2’’ holes
6. Attach Galvanized pipe to flanges through holes of deck
7. Secure with hardware from old trucks and wheels
8.Step and repeat with all three decks
9. Attach galvanized elbows to top shelf
10. Attach 3’’ galvanized pipe to elbows
11. Add additional flanges at ends
12. Mount top flanges to studs in the wall 16’’ apart.

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