Jack Wagner Interview - Home & Family

Jack Wagner Interview

The actor talks about this season of “When Calls the Heart” and his character developing a possible courtship with a new character, “Dottie.” He also opens up about the beautiful setting of “Hope Valley” and describes how authentic the buildings are. The audience is filled with show fans who call themselves the “Hearties,” and a few even get the chance to ask questions of Jack!

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Chef Chris Cosentino Cooks - Home & Family

Chef Chris Cosentino Cooks!

The chef is in the kitchen with Cristina whipping up his grilled cheese with duck egg, bitter honey and truffle. When it comes to his unusual and flavorful dishes, Chris credits living in San Francisco’s melting pot as a major influence in terms of his cooking. For a little extra flavor, Chris recommends using shaved fresh black truffle on top on the sandwich. Chris also suggests using herbs and acid over salt in his sandwiches.

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DIY Skateboard Shelves

Mark and Matt team up to show you how to make your own shelf using old skateboards. Matt said this is the kind of DIY that parents will love because kids will definitely use it in their room. When done, make sure to use a stud finder to attach shelves to wall 16 inches apart. Matt repurposes the existing hardware that he removed from the skateboard and turns it into hat racks for the door.

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Subscription Boxes

Kym Douglas fills you in on the hottest new trend, subscription boxes! She introduces Cristina to RocksBox, which will deliver three pieces of jewelry and when you are done, you send the items back and receive three new items. She also shows Home & Family MunchPack, which introduces subscribers to snacks from all around the world. Finally, Gwynnie Bee is a virtual closet that specializes in plus-sized fashions.

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Alana De La Garza Interview

Alana sits down with Mark and Cristina to chat about the premiere of her new series, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” which premieres Wednesday, March 16th at 10/9c. In the series, Alana’s character Clara Seger speaks 13 languages and travels the globe. As a world traveler, Alana explains that the sets are incredibly accurate compared to the real life locations in Thailand to India. The actress also opens up about married life and her passion for baking and DIY projects.

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Knitting 101

Vickie Howell is on the show to share some knitting tips! One tip is to work on a small scale which lets you finish, and also gives you a sense of accomplishment. She also talks about how the New York Times recently published an article about how knitting can be beneficial for your health. She explains that bold colors are in and encourages new knitters to be creative and have fun. Vickie also has a YouTube channel that teaches beginners how to knit. Finally, she shows Mark and Cristina how to create a knit paper chain garland.

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Practical Tips for Happiness

Stacy Kaiser is a psychotherapist and Editor at Large of Live Happy Magazine. She talks to Home & Family about how to bring more happiness into your life. First things first, she advises you to turn off the technology in your life because you are not really connecting or engaging with people. She also recommends a Happiness Board, which is all about creating a visual of what makes you happy.

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Growing Dahlias - Home & Family

Growing Dahlias

Shirley Bovshow introduces you to to some beautiful versions of dahlias. If you plan on growing tall dahlias, first make sure you stake them. Dahlias also need well-draining soil and full sun exposure in order to bloom. Add compost and peat moss to soil in order to improve drainage if needed. Finally, don’t water soil until dahlia plants appear, or the plant can rot.

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DIY Monster Knee Patches - Home & Family

Monster Knee Patches

Tanya Memme shows you how to make your own fun monster knee patches that your kids will love to sport on their jeans. First things first, cut out the size of the monster patch in your kid’s jeans. Use fabric glue when putting the monster design on the denim and know that the more glue you add, the more durable the patch will be. Tanya admits she is not a sewer, so if she can do this DIY, anybody can!

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Color Blindness in Kids - Home & Family

Color Blindness in Children

Dr. JJ breaks down what color blindness actually is and the various signs that will tell you if your child suffers from it. Color blindness runs in families. Some signs include sensitivity to bright colors, trouble reading colored letters and poor attention while coloring. She reminds viewers that children can be tested for color vision problems during routine exams.

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