Orly Shani is showing you how to create soothing chimes out of silk.


  • Birch branch
  • ¼ yard silk-polyester fabric
  • Fishing Line
  • Scissors
  • Wind Chime
  • Rope or twine
  • Hook
DIY Silk Chimes - Home & Family


Cut or tear fabric into 2-inch pieces. You can also use silk ribbons instead of cutting fabric strips.

Tie each strip close together with a slip knot around branch.

Take wind chime and take it apart at the base, creating individual strands with each string of chimes.

Take 2 chime strands and tie the fishing line at top of strands together. Hang around branch between fabric panels, placing them close together so they “clank” in the wind.

Add additional fishing line to lengthen chimes, if needed.

Secure chimes onto branch with rope or hot glue.

Fill up the entire branch with panels and chimes; tie rope or twine to ends of branch, hang on hook.

*Can also be tied directly onto tree.

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