They say go big or go home. Do both and go big at home with a giant mailbox for letters to Santa.
DIY Santa’s Mailboxes
Christmas Decor
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  • 18x18x36 Cardboard box (or any size rectangular box you have)
  • 10” by 40” Full length sonotube
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Strips of cut of file boxes
  • Packers tape
  • Exacto knife
  • Paint
  • Foam Core
  • Vinyl lettering
DIY Santa’s Mailbox - Home & Family


  1. Lay box horizontally with flaps opening up and down.
  2. Cut half of the top of the box off (don’t throw away this piece will create the door to the mailbox).
  3. Cut 6, 2 ½” strips from you bankers’ box horizontally.
  4. Tape first strip in an arch from one side to the other starting at the top of the box. Reinforce strip with a second strip, to make it more sturdy. Repeat this step until you have three arches starting from the beginning of the box and moving to the back.
  5. Cut corrugated cardboard (this will be top of your mailbox) big enough to go from bottom side of the mailbox to the other side of mail box. You may have to do this in two strips to cover entire box.
  6. Take corrugated cardboard strip and tape it to the bottom of the box. Before draping it to the other side of box, spray adhesive to the inside so it will stick straight to the sides of boxes. Drape adhesive onto the other side and secure it with tape at the bottom.
  7. Take previous scrap you put to the side in step 2 and use tape to attach it to the bottom front flap of your box. This will create door.
  8. Fold flap up and trace an arc so your door will fit your mailbox. Cut off excess material.
  9. Take your mailbox and center it onto your sonotube and trace the circle. Cut out circle (save this circle for later use).
  10. Cut out strips of corrugated cardboard, wrap it around tube about 2” from the top a couple of times to create a lip for the mailbox to sit upon. Set your mailbox on tube.
  11. Take your circular cut out and tape it to the top of the sonotube inside mailbox.
  12. Paint and decorate to your liking.

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