Makes these super cool homemade Christmas Signposts to deck out your front yard.
DIY Christmas Signpost
Christmas Decor, Outdoor Decor
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  • 18” square pieces of ½” thick plywood
  • Craft wood directional signs
  • 8’ tree stakes cut to:
  • 8’
  • 5’
  • 4’
  • “l” shelf brackets x3 per sign
  • 24” wooden round base for 8’ sign
  • 18” wooden round base for 5’ sign
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • 1” screws
  • Pencil
  • Paint pens in black, white and Christmas colors, vinyl decals or stick-on letters
  • White paint
  • Chip brush
  • Cup with water
  • Christmas trees and or juniper or cypress trees
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon or decorative rope
  • Scissors
  • Cup hooks
  • Optional:
    • Circular saw


  1. Cut or have the tree stakes cut to height for you at your local hardware store. Cut off the pointed end, since the posts will be attached to a flat base. You can leave the tallest post uncut if desired with the point at the top or just cut it off.
  2. Paint the signs in a whitewash. Add a little bit of white paint to some water and paint the mixture onto the signs. Set aside to dry.
  3. Attach each post the base. Find the center of the base, place the pole in the center, arrange three brackets around and mark placement. Remove the pole, screw each “l” brackets to the base. Place the post, screw each “l” bracket to the post. 5’ and under the post can have an 18” round base, the 8’ should have a 24” base. Repeat for each signpost.
  4. Add the phrase or location to each sign. You can pencil these in then go over with paint pens or use something stick-on like vinyl decals or letter stickers.
  5. Drill one screw through the top of each sign into it’s post.
  6. Wrap any tree pots with fabric and tie off with ribbon or decorative rope to secure on.
  7. Arrange the signposts in your yard along with the trees.
  8. Cut pieces of snow blanket or batting if desired to cover each of the bases. Cut a slit down the middle to the center of each piece of “snow” then slide one over each base and overlap in the back.
  9. Place the trees as desired, cover the any christmas tree bases with snow how you did the signs before.
  10. Screw cup hooks into the two outermost posts and the tallest center post to hold the string lights.
  11. Hang the string lights in the cup hooks.
  12. Plug the lights in and enjoy!

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