Orly Shani is showing you how to update your jeans with this fashionable DIY.


  • 2 pairs of denim jeans
  • sewing machine
DIY Ruffled Jeans - Home & Family


1) Once You Found A Pair Of Donor Jeans That Match The Wash Of Your Existing Jeans, You Must Decide On The Length Of Your Ruffle

2) Then You Must Decide The Final Length Of Your Jeans.

3) Cut Your Jeans To The Desired End Length Minus The Ruffle Length

4) Now Cut Your Donor Jeans To Create Your Ruffle

5) If Your Jeans Have A Large Enough Bell Bottom You Can Just Cut It Off At The Bottom

6) Note: The Wider Your Ruffle Piece Is, In Comparison To Your Pant Opening, The More Full The Ruffle Will Be

7) Beging To Pin Ruffle (Face To Face) Creating Pleats So That It Will Fit The Pant Leg

8) Sew A Straight Stitch And Fold Down The Ruffle

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