A DIY from Orly Shani


  • 1/8th of a yard of Faux Fur
  • Pins (so you can put it on and see where you want the collar to end)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Magnets

Colored fur collars were all the rage this year- all over the place. But a brand new jacket with a faux fur collar is hundreds of dollars. So this is something you can not only create for about $3 a piece BUT you can interchange it with any jacket, sweater or dress already in your closet! So you can get in on the trend without having to buy an entirely new jacket and it’s a great way to makeover the jackets you already have and make them feel fresh for this season.


1) Measure the fur on the jacket using the mannequin and pins to show how to measure the length


2) Cut and create the collar


3) Use hot glue to attach the magnets to the fur collar


4) Use another piece of your magnet to secure the collar in place

Removable Faux Fur Collars - Home & Family

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