Orly Shani shows you how to upgrade your wardrobe by adding pockets!


  • Fabric
  • Ruler
  • Cutting tool
  • Marking utensil
  • Thread
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing machine

DIY Pocket Dress - Home & Family


1. Trace your hand, with fingers together, on a piece of paper. Leave about a one-inch gap around your hand. Cut out the outline. This will be your pocket pattern.

2. Fold your pocket fabric in half, then cut out the pockets using your pattern. You should end up with four pieces of fabric.

3. Turn your dress or skirt inside out and use the chalk to mark where the top of your pockets to be. Place your fabric along the seam and mark where your pocket should end. Rip the seam starting one inch above and below your marks.

4. Pin each piece of pocket fabric to a seam side. Essentially, you’re pinning each side of the pocket to the seam you just ripped to create the top of the pocket.

5. Sew the one-inch seam gap closed at the top of your pocket, the edges of the pocket together, and the one-inch seam gap at the bottom of your pocket.

6. Repeat for the other pocket.

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