Friday, February 3rd, 2017

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Tony Dovolani Interview

Former “Dancing with the Stars” dancer, Tony Dovolani, visits Home & Family to talk about his experience being special guest host, Susan Lucci’s parnter during season seven of the competitive dance series. They both discuss their mutual love and respect for one another and the various challenges faced with being on the show, including Susan fracturing bones in her feet and still competing.

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“Dancing with the Stars” Makeover

Tony and his former “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Susan Lucci team up with makeup artist Melanie Mills, costume designer Daniela Gschwendtner and hairstylist Dean Banowetz to reveal the secrets to getting that glamorous dancer look that you see on the show.

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Chocolate Zucchini Muffins - Home & Family

Liza Huber Cooks

Susa Lucci’s daughter Liza is in the kitchen to share her recipe for nutritious chocolate zucchini muffins made with organic ingredients. While prepping the muffins, Liza talk about being the CEO and founder of Sage Spoonfuls, which delivers cooking essentials to make your own healthy baby food.

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DIY Hidden Passage Doors - Home & Family

DIY Hidden Passage Doors

Paige Hemmis is showing you a fun DIY by making her own secret passage doors. When it come to buying items for your disguised bookshelf, Paige recommends searching at garage sales or online like Craig’s List for the best deals.

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Cheese and Wine Pairings - Home & Family

The Science of Wine and Cheese Pairings

Food scientist Dan Kohler is in the kitchen talking about wine and cheese. He explains that its the fat and protein found in cheese that balances the tannins that you find in wine. When you consume the two together, they create a balance of flavors in your mouth.

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Behind the Scenes

Susan Lucci shares some of her favorite memories from her time on “All My Children.” She talks about filming on locating at St. Croix, where she had a fear of the coral reef and sharks. Susan also discusses her famous scene of running down the staircase at “The MET.”

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DIY Pocket Dress - Home & Family

DIY Pocket Dress

Orly Shani updates your dress by showing you how to add pockets to them. The best part is that the pockets can always be removed from the dress if you end up not being a fan. This technique also works with pants, too.

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Refresh Your Living Space - Home & Family

Refresh Your Living Space

Kelly Edwards is back and showing you how to refresh your living space with the help of La-Z-Boy furniture. She introduces you to the Amanda sofa and the importance of iClean fabric, which uses stain resistant innovative technology that repels spills.

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