Maria Provenzano is getting you ready for Cinco de Mayo celebrations with this fun DIY.


  • cardboard
  • box cutter or x-acto knife
  • crepe paper; yellow, green, brown, white
  • foam sheets; red and orange
  • masking tape
  • candy
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • fishing line
DIY Piñata - Home & Family


1. Cut the cardboard into two equal size half circles using a box cutter
2. Cut another piece of cardboard the length of the bottom of the half circles and about 3 inches wide
3. Cut another piece of cardboard the same size as the length, but with the center of the strip about 5 inches wide and the ends about 3 inches to create a tapered look once it is taped on
4. Tape the first strip to the bottom of the two half circles to create the base of the taco
5. Take the second and tape it close to the top of the rounded part of the half circles, making sure to leave a few inches at the top for decorations
6. Leave a section untaped so that you can fill it with candy; after filling with candy, seal with tape
7. Cut the yellow crepe paper so that one side is fringed, cutting about half way through or so
8. Attach onto the cardboard sides using a glue gun to create the shell of the taco
9. Use the other crepe paper to create the filling; example, red foam sheets for tomatoes, thick green crepe paper for lettuce or guacamole, orange foam sheets cut into strips for cheese, white crepe paper for sour cream; attach these options with a glue fun

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