Ken Wingard shows you how to turn an ordinary pillowcase into a stylish kid's dress.


  • Pillow case
  • Thread
  • Ribbon
  • Sewing machine

DIY Pillowcase Dress - Home & Family


1) Get your pillowcase, fold in half lengthwise, and you’re going to make 3 cuts. One on to for the length, a J-shape on the side for the armhole, and a long skinny cut on the bottom corner up to the J to taper it.

2) Do a hem along armholes. Then put the 2 halves face to face and seam up the sides. On top where neck is, fold it over to made a pocket, then run a ribbon through it.

*You can make them as crazy as you want to be, with extra ribbon, little embellishments, or even beading.

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