Orly Shani is making comfortable pillow chairs using a full flat sheet, chalk, pins, measure tape and scissors.


  • sewing machine
  • full flat sheet
  • chalk
  • pins
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
DIY Pillow Chair - Home & Family


1. Lay out a bed sheet on a large flat surface

2. Measure width of pillow

3. Use width of pillow as guide and fold sheet to same width

4. If fabric is too long, trim one side

5. Make sure fabric overlaps (not all the way, because this is where the pillow will come in

6. Pin the end of the sheet in place

7. Measure the length of the pillow and use it as a guide to pin and chalk the area you will be

8. Continue with this until you have no more fabric

9. Sew the areas you have pinned and chalked

10. Stuff the sheet with pillows

11. Write name with sticker letters and paint over it. Let dry and remove (optional)

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