Ken Wingard is giving you directions on how to make your own poinsettias out of cardstock and cardboard.


  • 12x12 cardstock in red or white
  • Small piece of yellow or gold card stock
  • Scissors
  • Foam core or cardboard scraps


1. Print out pattern from H&F website
2. Trace 4 sizes of petal rings onto cardstock
3. Cut out
4. Take largest two rings and crease petals down the center
5. Take two smallest petal rings and roll petals around a marker or dowel to get a curve.
6. Cut foam core into 3 1” squares.
7. Glue a square to the middle of the largest petal ring.
8. Attach second largest ring on top, glue another square to the center
9. Add next size ring and final square.
10. Add smallest ring on top
11. Cut several small circles and glue to center of smallest circle.

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