A decorative DIY from Cristina Ferrare.


  • Clear glass vases/bottles/bowls/containers/cups
  • House paint
  • Clear gloss spray
  • Optional accessories: Flowers (silk or real), water picks (if using real flowers), flower foams, pin frogs, moss, corks, decorative rocks, starfish, etc.
  • Wire cutters and/or scissors


1) Pour paint in bottom of vase and swirl it around until the entire inside of vase is covered with paint

2) Turn upside down and let paint drip out for 5-15 minutes! It is very important to let all the paint drip out or it will take forever to dry!

3) After pain has completely dripped out, turn vase right side up and let dry for 2-3 days

4) You can use a blow dryer on low cold heat to speed up this process

5) Once dry, spray with gloss

DIY Painted Vases - Home & Family

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