Leslie Hope Interview - Home & Family

Leslie Hope Interview

The actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the return of her USA series, “Suits,” which returns Wednesday, January 27th at 10/9c. Leslie became a household name playing Jack Bauer’s wife in “24.” She is no stranger to Hallmark Channel, Leslie has starred in a couple of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movies for “Jesse Stone.” She jokes that when she brought her parents to the set of one of the movies they caused a serious disruption due to their poor hearing and eyesight. But she says that Tom Selleck was so gracious and he even offered to pose for a photo with them.

DIY Painted Vases - Home & Family

DIY Painted Vases

Cristina is showing you how to turn an ordinary piece of glass into colorful vases and containers. When creating, make sure you give the paint 5-6 days to dry before you seal it with a layer of gloss. For a little extra flair, Cristina recommends adding accessories like moss, rocks, starfish, rope, etc. She also reminds you that this DIY will require patience, so take your time!

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Sausage & Seafood Stew - Home & Family

Sausage & Seafood Stew

Chef Jamika Pessoa is in the kitchen cooking up some Sausage & Seafood Stew! Her secret ingredient is buying smoked sausage for the rich flavor. If you are not a sausage fan, you can also use turkey, beef or pork. When it comes to seafood, you can use any type of fish. She likens this stew to more of a gumbo because of the seafood. Make sure you sauté the meat for up to five minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients.

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DIY Superhero Party - Home & Family

DIY Superhero Party

Ken Wingard Skypes in with a viewer who is looking to plan a birthday party on a budget. Marielyn and Lamar are planning their son Emmanuel’s fourth birthday. Emmanuel was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as a baby, making this birthday that much more special. Ken starts by showing them how to make a big city backdrop you can put on your wall. He then makes a cape out of a piece of felt and also creates a cool invitation with a superhero theme, as well.

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Gage Golightly Interview

Gage Golightly visits Home & Family to talk about her Amazon series, “Red Oaks,” which takes place in a country club in 1980’s New Jersey. She talks about how much fun she had with her character since she got to wear bright clothes and big hair. In order to play Karen, Gage would have sit in the makeup/hair chair for up to four hours a day. The actress is joined by her rescue dog, “Ellie,” who she adopted from Los Angeles shelter who steals the spotlight during the interview with her calm demeanor.

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DIY Wishing Well - Home & Family

DIY Wishing Well

Paige Hemmis shows you a great way for guests to share well wishes and give gift cards by making her own DIY Wishing Well. This addition is perfect for baby showers, birthday parties and wedding showers. You can add flowers and greenery to the handle of the wishing well to create more of a whimsical look.

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Potty Training 101

Kristin Smith is back to talk about what is available for parents who are potty training their toddlers. Kristin chose this topic because she is in the middle of potty training her own 21-month old son, Kingston.

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The Baking Soda & Vinegar Reaction

Dan Kohler is in the kitchen showing you the backstory of combining baking soda and vinegar. He places both in a plastic Ziploc bag, showing Home & Family how to create a chemical reaction that bubbles over. It is not only a fun science experiment, you can also combine both to help you unplug pesky clogged drains!

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Ask Jeanette Pavini

Jeanette returns to Home & Family to answer your Facebook questions. She gives you tips on how to save money on groceries with helpful apps and what are some good things to buy during the month of February!

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