Paige Hemmis is turning foam balls into festive ornament topiaries.


  • Round hat box 14” (be sure to have 2 lids)
  • Dowel (Start with a 36” dowel)
  • Hard foam balls (no floral) - Size: 10” 8” 6"
  • 4 oz aluminum foil ramekins
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Spray Paint
  • Gold Rope, Craft Paper, Stamps (any embellishment you prefer)
  • Hot glue


1. Once you’ve gathered your material’s you’re going to want to drill your holes into the foam balls. If you have a long drill then drill all the way thorough. If you don’t have a long one then drill as far as you can on the top & bottom & then punch through your dowel to connect the holes.

2. Next, you’re going to paint your foam balls. Paint with whatever colors you’d like. (Just do not spray paint because the foam will eat the paint)

3. Let dry

4. Secure your dowel to the bottom of the drum base

5. Once dry, you will take your dowel & connect all the balls by just stacking them together

6. This is a good time to spray paint your round hat base red to create the drum base

7. Then it’s time to decorate your ornaments. Add a tin ramekin as the top for the ornament & craft paper as other embellishments. You can also use puffy paint for a 3D look

8. Once your drum is dry, you’ll want to add embellishments onto that too! You’re going to take gold rope & hot glue it onto the side of the drum. Just glue on in a zig-zag type design to give it that Christmas drum look!

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