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DIY Necklace and Choker

DIY Necklace and Choker

Orly Shani shows you how to make your own fashionable chokers for a fraction of the cost.

Upholstery Necklaces

1) Measure Upholstery Trim To Size

2) Connect Ends With Fabric Glue So Trim Forms A Circle

3) Fold In Half And Adjust To Desired Layered Look.

Chain Necklace Directions

1) Cut Chains To Desired Lengths (Each Chain Should Be A Different Length)

2) Cut Two Lengths Of Ribbon To Desired Length

3) Line Up The Ends Of The Chains And Insert Ribbon Through And

4) Tie. Repeat For Second End.

Choker Directions

1) Chains Should Have A A Layered Look

2) Tie Ribbon Behind Neck

3) Measure Upholstery Trim To Size Of Neck

4) Glue Extra Ribbon To Each End With Fabric Glue

5) Use Ribon To Tie Behind Neck

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