Monday, August 22nd, 2016

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Debbie Gibson Interview - Home & Family

Debbie Gibson Interview

The singer/actress/producer visits Home & Family to talk about her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, "Summer of Dreams," which premieres Saturday, August 27th at 9/8c. She also opens up about what is was like being a teenage sensation growing-up. Debbie gets serious when she starts talking about her battle with Lyme Disease, which causes flu-like symptoms. Today, she says she runs on her spirit instead of running on fumes.

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Triumph Over Tragedy

Spokesperson Cliff Meidl is joined by his doctor, Bert Mandelbaum to talk about achieving triumph over tragedy. When Cliff was 20, he was burned by 30,000 volts of electricity and pronounced dead multiple times after his accident. Cliff also discusses the fire inside him that gave him the determination to walk again and in the year 2000 he would go on to carry the Olympic torch in Sydney. Today, both men tour and give motivation speeches.

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Vegan Seafood Tower - Home & Family

Vegan Seafood Tower

Chef Scot Jones from vegan restaurant Crossroads joins Debbie in the kitchen to prepare a vegan seafood tower. The restaurant uses plant-based items to mimic meat and seafood. The restaurant has also released a cookbook filled with delicious vegan recipes filled with plant-based ingredients. Scot serves the seafood dish and everybody is very impressed with how similar it tastes to real fish.

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DIY Necklaces and Chokers - Home & Family

DIY Necklace and Choker

Orly Shani is making fashionable necklaces and chokers using upholstery trim or chain, fabric glue, thread & needle and ribbon. Her tip is to thread the ribbon through the chains to create a more layered necklace. Orly’s entire trendy DIY will cost you $2 and she has seen it at retail stores selling for $120.

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Perez Hilton Interview

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton sits with Debbie and guest hosts, Matt Iseman and Matt Rogers to talk about the start of his blog and how he has changed his approach with celebrities. Today, Perez has started working closely with the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign and has decided to use a softer tone. He even stays to discuss some latest Hollywood gossip.

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Jo Frost Interview

Global parenting expert and star of “Supernanny,” Jo Frost sits down with Home & Family to talk about how to handle back-to-school parenting and gives parents some tips. She recommends making homework fun and social, embracing technology for your child but also regulate it and finally, involve your children in “lunch making” in the morning, for more responsibility.

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DIY XO Wall Art - Home & Family


Wendy Bellissimo is showing you how to spruce up your walls with fun XOXO wall art using aluminum foil and shoe polish. She advises you to find the pre-cut letters at a craft store, which should cost you less than $4. This entire DIY is only $25 and even cheaper if you already have the aluminum foil around the house.

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Guacamole Wars - Home & Family

Guacamole Wars

Matt Rogers and Matt Iseman go head-to-head in the Home & Family kitchen battling it out with who has the best guacamole recipe. Matt Iseman’s secret is salt and the lime juice. While Matt Rogers says his secret is the serrano pepper for the added kick. In the end, Matt Iseman wins the challenge with the judges!

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