Ken Wingard is adding some spring decorations to the house with this DIY.


  • Finial
  • Wood Dowel
  • Medium and Large Styrofoam Ball
  • Sheet & Spanish Moss
  • Cachepot
  • Gravel
  • Hot Glue Gun/ Glue
  • Drill/Screws
  • Optional: Paper or Plastic Butterflies


1. Screw finial into dowel

2. Pierce hole through styrofoam ball, using the drill, to fit the dowel.

3. Cover styrofoam ball with moss using hot glue. The type of moss we used is sheet moss.

4. Slife the dowel through the medium ball, then the large ball. We used

5. If the balls move on the dowels, use hot glue to secure

6. To make dowel with moss balls stand upright, fill a cachepot with gravel. Insert the dowel in the gravel until secure.

7. Cover exposed soil with additional moss. We used Spanish moss.

Optional: Hot glue a few paper or plastic butterflies on moss balls for a pop of color

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