Orly Shani is making fluffy pillows with white fabric, pillow stuffing, puffy paint, felt, scarf and hot glue.


  • white fabric
  • pillow stuffing
  • puffy paint
  • felt
  • scarf
  • hot glue


For the pillow:
1) Take a cylinder shaped object about 10 inches or so in diameter.
2) Fold fabric in half & cut around the cylinder for the 2 bottoms of the pillow.
3) Then take a measuring tape & measure the diameter of your circle pieces.
4) Take care that measurement & add an inch.
5) Once you get that measurement use it to create the center-side piece of the pillow by folding your white fabric in half & cutting it in a rectangular form.
6) Cut slits along the width of your rectangular piece, this way when you glue the top & bottoms on you’ll have a little give when creating the curve for your pillow.
7) Hot glue the slits to the inside of cylinder shape piece
8) Stuff the pillow with pillow stuffing
9) Glue the top cylinder to the top to finish off the pillow. You may also sew if you prefer!

For the face:
1) Take black felt & cut 2 little circles for the eyes plus 2 smaller circles to create dimension pieces for the eyes.
2) Cut 2 more light pink or red circles for the cheeks
3) Use Puffy paint for the nose. Just draw a small half circle.
4) Tie a scarf
5) All done!

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