Try this easy way to create the perfect accessories to make you go from drab to fab.
DIY Macrame Feather Accessories
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  • Cotton single twist yarn
  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper and pencil
  • Animal grooming brush or fine comb
  • Jump ring
  • Optional:
  • Rotary cutter
  • Hair spray or stiffening spray


  1. Cut one strand of yarn that is 2x the size of desired feather length, this will act as the “spine” for your feather
  2. Cut about 20 smaller strands of yarn (these should all be the same length)
  3. Fold the long piece of yarn in half so it’s doubled over, leaving a loop at the top (you can tie a knot around the loop to create a defined loop)
  4. Fold all of the short strands in half
  5. Pin the “spine” at the top of the loop to secure it
  6. Place two folded short strands beside the “spine” where you would like your top loop to end (or just below the knot you tied to define the loop) with the looped ends facing the spine
  7. Pull one loop over the spine, looping it under the end tails of the opposing strand, then weave the loose tails of that strand under the opposing loop
  8. Pull the tails away from the spine, tightening the knots around the spine to about 80%, leave some wiggle room for over-all tightening at the end
  9. Repeat this process, while periodically (about every 5 knots) pushing the knots toward the top for fullness until you reach the bottom of the “spine”
  10. Slide all of the knots toward the top to create a compact formation
  11. Pull on the edges of the feather for final tightening
  12. Brush the yarn with fine brush until the strands are completely unraveled
  13. Trace a feather pattern on a piece of paper and cut out
  14. Lay pattern on top of feather and trim excess to give it shape (Use rotary cutter to trim for cleanest result)

For Stiff Feathers:

  1. Spray with hairspray or stiffener and place in book for a few hours
  2. Attach jump ring and attach to desired item
  3. Enjoy!

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