Orly Shani shows how we can make our own DIY Lighted Mirror on a budget.


  • Mirror
  • Adhesive backed led light strips, battery powered
  • Scissors
  • Heavy-duty double-sided tape or gel adhesive


  • French cleat
  • 1” x 2” wood
  • Clear gorilla glue or E6000


1. If you are creating the wall hanging lighted mirror, glue about a 12” piece of 1” x 2” to the back of the mirror in the center to hang from and a small piece at the bottom so the mirror sits the same distance from the wall all the way down. Allow the glue to set for 24 hours before hanging the mirror.

2. Place the battery pack in an accessible spot on the back or your mirror so that you can turn the lights on and off. Use double sided tape to secure in place.

3. Peel the backing off of the light strip as you apply the light strips to the edge of the back of the mirror. If the mirror is curved, you will have to bend the strip which will cause little bubbles, don’t worry, it won’t affect the way the light looks.

PRO TIP: For a brighter shine, add more strips of led light.

4. If hanging the mirror, screw half the French cleat into the 1” x 2” and the other half on the wall.

5. Hang or place mirror as desired and enjoy!

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