Ken Wingard is making a festive tree collar using a half of a wine barrel and paint.


  • Half Wine Barrel
  • Plastic cording
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Plastic portion cups
  • Mini lights
DIY Tree Collar - Home & Family


1. Paint your half barrel completely red

2. Draw a free-handed curved line across the barrel to make a “light strand”

3. Drill holes in the barrel along that curved line, spaced apart (these will be where the “Christmas lights” go)

4. Separate the plastic egg halves and spray paint them to your desired colors

5. Cut the plastic portion cups in half vertically. Spray paint these to match the eggs you already painted.

6. Glue the “top” of your halved cups to the wide side of the eggs, to create a “Christmas light” shape

7. Glue these over the holes in your barrel

8. From the inside, glue a light strand onto the barrel, feeding individual bulbs into your “plastic bulbs.”

9. Glue plastic cording on the outside of the barrel between lights to create the “cord” of your painted lights

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