A fun DIY from Tanya Memme.

1. Measure your journal horizontally this journal is almost 7 inches wide, so you have to DOUBLE the length when you are cutting your leather so that the leather covers both the front and the back and add 3/4 inches to each side so that you can fold and glue the leather to the inside of the cover. Measure vertically and add 3/4 to top and bottom to glue and fold.

2. Cut your leather strip, remember to leave ample space for folding on sides and top and bottom.

3. Place glue on front of journal and fold over leather so it covers the face, press down and smooth out. Do this to the back as well and along the joining seam.
4. Use an X-Acto knife to make two slits on the binding, this is where we are going to slide our suede braid.
5. Cut out corners so that you can fold the corners onto the inner cover.
6. Trim around binding as well.
7. Glue all edges folding like a frame around the inner cover.
8. Braid the suede cord and loop it through binding slits.
9.Tie and done!

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