A useful DIY from Dream Jobbing finalist, Marcy Mussari.


  • Laundry Rack (You can purchase at a thrift shop, Walmart or Target)
  • Metallic Gold Spray Paint
  • White Latex Paint (Small Can)
  • White MDF Primed Mulligan Base Trim 15/32 x 5.5 x 98 (3 pieces)
  • White MDF Primed Milligan Casing Moulding 5/8" x 2/1/12" x 96" (1 piece)
  • Wood glue

DIY Finalist: Marcy Mussari - Home & Family


1. Measure the width and the depth of each shelf level on the laundry rack. The top rack will be bigger that the other two bottom racks. (My top rack was 22” x 16” and the two bottom ones were 20” x 16”)

2. Take your MDF Trim, measure and cut down three pieces for each shelf with a Miter Saw (3 for the top shelf size and 6 the bottom shelf sizes, 9 in total)

3. Glue the three pieces of MDF trim together for each shelf. Make sure to clamp the pieces together right after and let them dry over night.

4: To create the trim around the top shelf measure the length and width of the top piece. With those measurements you cut the casing to frame around the top. Cut the two smaller pieces first (16” then cut the other two pieces 22” but don’t forget of add the thickness of the other trim (23 1/8”)

5: Take those pieces and glue and frame the top pieces of the shelf together. Keep in mind that the 16” pieces are for the sides and the 23 1/8” are for the front and back.

6: Place the top of the tray on a level surface on top of two spacers (you can use two spare trim pieces) Tack the casing joint pieces with an air nailer (three on each side -- use small nails and be careful not to split the wood)

7. Touch up all of your shelves with a white latex paint and let them dry.

8. Spray paint your laundry rack (I gave it 2 light coats until it was fully covered)

9: Place the top shelf on top of the laundry rack and slide in the other two bottom shelves. Everything should fit to size.

10: Decorate!

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